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Amalfi Coast Villa

Renting an Amalfi Coast villa is the perfect start to discover this wonderful part of Italy.

amalfi coast villa - alta

The Amalfi coastline is dramatic, dazzling and has long made it a favorite among foreigners for its majestic cliffs, quaint fishing villages, blue waters and plentiful citrus and olive groves. Because of its exquisite natural beauty, this coastal resort area is in great demand and an Amalfi Coast Villa positioned in this panoramic and picturesque location is the best choice for exploring some of Italy finest sights.  Its mild climate and the proximity to archeological sites contribute as well to make the Amalfi Coast a sought after holiday destination.


Most of the beaches on the Amalfi Coast are small pebble inlets of land with excellent seaside restaurants. Buses and ferries run frequently and are well connected ways of reaching each town. Other excursion possibilities include a boat trip to the islands, a visit to vibrant Napoli or Salerno, or an exploration of Pompeii and Herculaneum—the fascinating ruins of ancient cities destroyed by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in the 1st century A.D.

amalfi coast villa - amalfitana

Despite its popularity as a holiday resort the “Costiera Amalfitana" is not noted for its beaches. Most of its towns sit on cliff tops, above the shore. The lack of easily accessible sandy beaches means that this area is not the ideal resort for families with small children. However with plenty of bars, cafes, shops, art galleries, restaurants and pleasant town centers, the Amalfi Coast is a very good base for families with older children. A scenic drive along the coastal road (SS 145 – known for its hairpin bends & spectacular views) takes visitors to Praiano, Amalfi and the spellbinding up-hill town of Ravello, with its incomparable belvedere.

Renting an Amalfi Coast villa is the best solution to combine the privacy and comfort of your own swimming pool in the morning and the glitzy and bustling life of the coast in the late afternoon.  You can contact us to check the availability of your ideal Amalfi Coast villa.

On the web page for each property you can see a detailed photo gallery and all relevant data is available at glance. Feel free to contact us for first hand information as our staff is very knowledgeable and surely capable of clearing most of your queries.

List of Our Best Amalfi Coast Villas

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