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Live your Apulia experience starting at Villa Joda, the best place to enjoy your vacation while discovering this magical region. In the heel of Italy’s boot, Apulia is famous for having a warm climate all year round, being surrounded by the pristine waters of both the Ionian and Adriatic seas, offering great beaches, and having an intense past due to numerous dominations that left behind a rich culture, historical architecture and artefacts. Last but not least, Apulia is celebrated for allowing you to indulge in fantastic local wine and farm-to-table food. Immerse yourself in the peace of Villa Joda and relax with friends under its pergola and among its ancient olive trees, and enjoy an authentic slice of Italian life!

  • Dedicated Parking Space
  • Child Friendly
  • Air Conditioned
  • Sleeps x 8
  • En-suite x 2
  • Queen x 3
  • Air Conditioning
  • Queen/Twin x 1
  • Shower x 3
  • Hair Dryer
  • Dishwasher
  • Fully equipped
  • Barbecue
  • Al fresco dining
  • TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Swimming Pool
  • Restaurants
  • Shops

Main Unit 1:
Queen bedroom with shared bathroom with shower;
Queen/twin bedroom with shared bathroom with shower.

Unit 2 (adjacent to main unit):
Queen bedroom with en-suite bathroom with shower.

Unit 3 (detached and located near the pergola):
Queen 4-postered bedroom with en-suite bathroom with shower, and kitchenette.

The three units have separate independent entrances. All the bedrooms have A/C and the bathrooms are provided with hair dryers.

Main Unit:
Open space with lounge TV area featuring comfortable intimate seating for up to six guests. Fully equipped kitchen with breakfast counter, ideal for a breakfast-on-the-go. Limestone vaulted ceilings and resin floors combined with uncluttered décor make the interiors of Villa Joda visually appealing with a fresh and airy feel.

The warm Mediterranean climate will make you enjoy the outdoors of Villa Joda. The manicured lawn is dotted with ancient olive trees, and an expansive sun-soaked swimming pool is located in the center of the estate. The pergola, with its wet bar, simple stone grill, and long table is the perfect stage for hour-long meals to enjoy with friends and family . . . after all, when in Rome, do as the Romans do . . . and you will be rewarded with great memories of quality time and great food!

The villa’s specific architecture is ideal for groups who wish to have some kind of privacy, and yet be together in the same estate. Apulia is an authentic Italian region, slightly touched by the main tourism and still decidedly local, where Italians flock to its beaches to enjoy the hot summer weather. If you want to immerse yourself in a simple lifestyle with a real local vibe, Apulia is your refuge and Villa Joda your place to stay.

Nearest Airport: Brindisi 45 min
Nearest serviced town: 10 min
Nearest beach: Rosa Marina 23 min
Driving time estimated by Google Maps

Apulia boast the longest coastline among all mainland Italian regions, lapped by the Adriatic and Ionian limpid sapphire seas. For the most part of the year, this region is soaked by the sun and cooled by a fresh breeze, making it the perfect summer destination for the beach lovers. In the last decade, however, Apulia has been stirring tourists interest for many other reasons. Conquered by many different ancient civilizations – Greeks, Romans, Turks, Franks, Normans, Swabians, Angevins and Bourbons - Apulia treasures an impressive collection of castles, great artistic and cultural heritage, and important archeological sites. Besides the magnificent beaches and the crystal clear waters, Apulia’s highlights include the unique village of Alberobello with its white-washed trulli lining the streets, the natural wonders of the famous Grottoes of Castellana and Fasano, the baroque city of Lecce, Ostuni, nicknamed la città bianca due to the picturesque white stone houses and churches, and - last but not least - the captivating food reflecting centuries of mixed cultural influences. The only con to visiting this region is…so much to experience, so little time!

Il Guazzetto - Located in the historic center of the old town of Monopoli, this young restaurant serves Apulia’s typical cuisine.
Via Dell'Erba 39/41, Monopoli - +39 080 410 7175
Osteria Piazzetta Cattedrale - Small but classy restaurant serving farm-to-table typical local cuisine.
Largo Arcidiacono Teodoro Trinchera 7 (in front of the Cathedral), Ostuni - +39 0831 335026
Pasha - La Casa Ristorante - Fine dining at its best at this Michelin awarded restaurant located inside of the Bishop's Palace.
Via Morgantini 2, Conversano - +39 373 800 2809
L’Aratro – Casual restaurant with warm atmosphere serving cuisine strongly rooted in the territory.
Via Monte San Michele 25/29, Alberobello - +39 080 432 2789
Osteria del Porto – Pretty restaurant located on the marina, with outdoor seating. Seafood is king here, both as appetizer (try the crudo) and delicious entrée. At the end of the meal, we recommend their excellent sgroppino.
Piazza del Porto 19, Savelletri - +39 338 280 5468

In the mood for a day of shopping? Head to Puglia Outlet Village to find great deals on clothing and shoes from major Italian and international fashion brands.
Via dei Portuali 12, Zona Calderina, Molfetta - Puglia Outlet Village Official Website
Terracotta and majolica artwork - Nuova Colì
Piazza Sant'Oronzo, Ostuni - +39 0831 342 151
Extra virgin Olive Oil from Masseria il Frantoio - All-organic products from an estate devoted to produce high quality olive oil (certified DOP), liqueurs and jams.
S.S. 16 Km. 874, Ostuni - +39 0831 330 276




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