Rental Agreement

Booking Conditions and Customer Rental Terms

  1. Agreement. These Terms and Conditions, together with the Reservation Invoice (collectively, the “Agreement”) represent the entire agreement between the parties and replace all prior understandings, oral or written, covering the subject matter contained herein and can be changed only in writing signed by both Client and BRAVO HOLIDAYS.
  1. Villa Information. BRAVO HOLIDAYS (“BRAVO HOLIDAYS,” “we,” “us” or “our”) seeks to provide updated information on our web site (“Website”) relating to the rental properties; however, nothing on our Website shall constitute a term or condition of this Agreement. Differences between the Website, any photograph, illustration and/or text used, and the actual Villa Property contracted for, may exist. Owners of the Villa Property (“Owner” or “Owners”) have the right to make modifications to the Villa Property specifications that are considered necessary due to operating requirements. Owners have the right to alter furniture, fittings, amenities, facilities, activities or make any other alteration, even if previously or currently advertised or represented as available, without prior notice.
  1. Client. Client shall include the person who signs and executes this Agreement (“Party Leader”) and all persons who are identified as an Occupant or Occupants of the Villa Property (“Client” or “Clients”). All communications by BRAVO HOLIDAYS will be made to the Party Leader. It is the Party Leader’s responsibility to provide this information to all Occupants. Client is responsible for payment in full of the BRAVO HOLIDAYS Price stated in this Agreement and compliance by all Occupants with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  1. Total Package Price. The Total Package Price is in Euro and the rental period is the specified number of nights as set forth on the Reservation Invoice. The number of Occupants shall at all times be subject to approval by Owner, and additional charges will apply for all approved extra guests exceeding the maximum number of Guests as set forth in the Reservation Invoice. BRAVO HOLIDAYS calculates prices almost one year in advance, so as not to inflate the list price by speculating the Dollar’s exchange rate, BRAVO HOLIDAYS bases the currency exchange rate on past performance plus current trends. This means that US Dollar due amounts are subject to shifts in currency exchange rates and will be adjusted up or down at the time we bill Client’s entire Total Package Price.

(i). Payment. Within three (3) days of the execution of this Agreement, Client shall pay the reservation deposit which may be non-refundable either in full or in part depending on the time of payment. The reservation deposit payment should be made by check, wire transfer or credit card. The final payment balance is due ninety (90) days prior to the arrival date and is payable only by check, wire transfer or credit card. Failure to pay the final payment balance of the Total Package Price when due will constitute an automatic cancellation, and the reservation deposit shall be forfeited. When bookings are made within ninety (90) days prior to the arrival date, the entire Total Package Price is due at booking and is non-refundable.

(ii). Payment Instructions. Will be provided at time of booking.

  1. Security Deposit. A security deposit is required for most rentals and the security deposit amount and location for payment is specified on the Reservation Invoice (“Security Deposit”). If paid on arrival at the Villa Property, the Security Deposit will be returned on departure, less any losses, damages or other unpaid charges as set forth in this Agreement. It is Client’s responsibility to collect any unused portion of the Security Deposit prior to departure from the Villa Property. If held by BRAVO HOLIDAYS, the Security Deposit will be released no later than 45 days after Client’s return, less any losses, damages or other unpaid charges as set forth in this Agreement. It is Client’s responsibility to obtain an accounting of the Security Deposit. Client is responsible for leaving the Villa Property in a neat and tidy condition, i.e. dishes washed and put away, garbage taken to the nearest collection receptacle, etc. Any loss or damage to the Villa Property will be deducted from Client’s Security Deposit, including without limitation, any loss or damage to any property, fixtures, fittings, furnishings or any other property located in, on or about the Villa Property. If the losses or damages exceed the amount of the Security Deposit, Client will be responsible for the additional losses and damages and the cost of repair and/or replacement. Locally payable items or services, including Local Charges and/or Extra Services, or any other charges incurred, as set forth herein, may be deducted from the Security Deposit.
  1. Cancellation Charges. Any cancellation of the booking by Client for any reason must be in writing addressed to BRAVO HOLIDAYS at the address stated on the Reservation Invoice. The effective date of cancellation is the date when written notification is received by BRAVO HOLIDAYS. All payments made within 90 days of the arrival date are non-refundable. Cancellations made within 90 days of the arrival date are non-refundable. Client agrees that failure to pay the final balance of the Total Package Price on date listed on the Reservation Invoice shall be deemed a cancellation with no refund due. All holiday bookings are non-refundable and holiday bookings include the following times and seasons (US): Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Presidents’ Week, Easter/Spring Break. Other holiday periods may apply. We highly recommend that Client purchase trip protection.
  1. Travel Protection Insurance. BRAVO HOLIDAYS strongly suggests that clients protect their travel plans from financial loss before or during the trip, for cancellations that occur for covered reasons, by purchasing travel insurance. Since BRAVO HOLIDAYS does not cover losses due to client’s personal or family circumstances, we suggest purchasing coverage from AON.
  1. Modifications and Cancellations by BRAVO HOLIDAYS or Owners. BRAVO HOLIDAYS or Owners reserve the right to modify or cancel this Agreement at any time or when necessary to do so as a result of a force majeure, or due to any other occurrence outside the control of BRAVO HOLIDAYS or Owners. In the event of such cancellation, we will inform Client as soon as possible and, if requested, we will try to arrange an alternative property of a similar type and in a similar location as originally requested. Client is responsible for any increase in price of the new BRAVO HOLIDAYS. If Client prefers not to rebook another property, we will provide a full refund of payments made if BRAVO HOLIDAYS or Owner cancel the Agreement. A full refund of payments made by Client is Client’s sole and exclusive remedy for cancellation by BRAVO HOLIDAYS or Owner. Neither BRAVO HOLIDAYS nor Owner shall have any liability for any loss, expense or damage, including by way of explanation and not by limitation, travel expenses, alternative lodging or any other loss, expense, or damage.
  1. Modification by Client. If Client requests to modify or change the choice of the Villa Property or the dates for rental of the Villa Property, we have the right to treat a change of the Villa Property and/or the Villa Property dates as a cancellation of one property and the booking of another property, and Client is responsible for any increase in the price of the then applicable Total Package Price. All requested modifications of this Agreement by Client shall be valid only if made in writing and become effective only as of the date of receipt of such writing and provided it is agreed to by BRAVO HOLIDAYS in writing. There is an administrative charge of $100 per Occupant for any modification to the Agreement by Client.
  1. Arrival Information. Within 14 days prior to Client’s arrival at the Villa Property, provided that payment of the Total Package Price has been received in full, Villa travel and arrival information, including addresses, driving directions, telephone numbers and contact person’s names shall be released to Client (“Arrival Voucher”).
  1. Passport Requirements: It is Client’s responsibility to verify that Client and all Occupants have the correct documents to travel from the country of origin to the country of destination, prior to travel.
  1. Number of Occupants. We require the names and ages of all guests staying at each Villa Property (each an “Occupant” or “Occupants”). The number of Occupants booked is the number that will be accommodated and must not exceed the maximum stated on the Reservation Invoice. Under no circumstances can the number of Occupants exceed the number of sleeping places designated for the Villa Property. Failure to comply may result in additional guests being turned away or the entire party may be subject to eviction at their own expense. If maximum occupancy is exceeded, Owner reserves the right to refuse or revoke the booking in Owner’s sole discretion and at Client’s sole expense and without refund of any kind.
  1. Client Responsibility. Occupants are required to act in a responsible manner at all times, and to act with respect toward other guests, Owners and the Villa staff. BRAVO HOLIDAYS and owners have the absolute right to require any occupant, individual or client, to vacate a villa property for disruptive or inappropriate behavior without any refund in the sole discretion of BRAVO HOLIDAYS and/or owners.
  1. Arrival and Departure Times. No later than four (4) weeks prior to Client’s arrival date, Client must give us an appointed time of arrival at the Villa Property. Unless otherwise stated, Clients must arrive between 4p.m. and 7p.m. local time. Earlier times will not be accommodated. Failure to arrive at the appointed time on Client’s Arrival Voucher can delay admittance to the Villa Property to the following day or incur a late arrival charge. BRAVO HOLIDAYS is not responsible for alternate lodging or other accommodations. Clients must vacate the Villa Property no later than 10a.m. local time or as otherwise noted on the Arrival Voucher. Late departure may result in additional charges.
  1. Local Charges Paid Locally. There are extra charges for some items that must be paid locally at the BRAVO HOLIDAYS Property (“Local Charges”). Local Charges are not included in the Total Package Price. Local Charges may include, but are not limited to, telephone, internet, extra linens, cleaning services, A/C, heating, electricity or other utilities, as well as local tourist taxes, where applicable. These Local Charges are payable directly to the local Owner representative in local cash currency at the end of your stay. Prices are subject to change so please confirm with local Owner representative on your arrival.
  1. Special Villa Services. Requests for additional or special villa services, such as maid, cook, advance grocery shopping must be made in writing to BRAVO HOLIDAYS no later than four (4) weeks prior to your arrival (“Extra Services”). Extra Services are not guaranteed and are not included in the Total Package Price. BRAVO HOLIDAYS makes no representation as to the level or quality of Extra Services. Payment is due in full in local cash currency to the local Owner representative upon arrival at the Villa Property unless otherwise stated, and cannot be paid by credit card unless otherwise stated. Once submitted to BRAVO HOLIDAYS, any changes to Extra Services requests are subject to an administrative charge of $100 per Occupant and acceptance by Owner. Client shall not employ outside third party services unless requested in writing and approved by Owner.
  1. Not Included in Total Package Price. Local Charges, Extra Services and consumables of any kind are not included in the Total Package Price unless otherwise expressly stated on the Reservation Invoice. This includes, but is not limited to, food and beverages, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towels and napkins, travel expenses, alternative travel or lodging expenses, trip protection.
  1. Included in Total Package Price. The Total Package Price includes the use of the Villa Property and any facilities, amenities and/or services listed on the Reservation Invoice. By way of example, one set of linens per bed, and one set of towels per person per week are always included in the price of the rental, as are basic cooking utensils, pots, pans, glassware, flatware and dishes. Normal use of gas, electricity and water facilities are often included.
  1. Construction. There may be construction near the BRAVO HOLIDAYS Property. Construction is usually 7:00am-3:30pm weekdays.
  1. Car Rental. There is a minimum age requirement of 25 years to rent a car.
  1. Credit Cards. If the form of payment is by credit card, by signing this Agreement, the cardholder acknowledges receipt of this Agreement and hereby authorizes BRAVO HOLIDAYS to charge the credit card for the amounts set forth in the Confirmation Statement and for any other sums or charges set forth in this Agreement.
  1. Complaints. In the unlikely event any problem should occur with the Villa Property, Client shall immediately notify Owner or local owner representative to correct the problem. If Owner or local Owner representative is unable to rectify the situation, Client shall immediately contact BRAVO HOLIDAYS on the telephone number listed on the Arrival Voucher. Client shall allow the Owner reasonable time, under the circumstances, to remedy the problem, or to find a suitable replacement Villa Property. Vacating the Villa Property without BRAVO HOLIDAYS’s authorization shall not constitute an adequate cause for a refund. Failure to give notice of a complaint when it occurs during the rental period and/or failure to remain in contact by telephone or fax while providing Owner or local Owner’s representative and BRAVO HOLIDAYS an opportunity to remedy the complaint during the rental period will void any claim. As with any home, repairs may be necessary as things wear down. BRAVO HOLIDAYS is not responsible for any breakdown of appliances, loss of A/C, heat, water, internet service etc. that occur at the Villa Property.
  1. Equipment for Children. BRAVO HOLIDAYS recommends that Clients provide their own portable cribs, bassinets and highchairs or any other equipment for children. Any such equipment found at the Villa Property has not been inspected by BRAVO HOLIDAYS, and Clients use such equipment at the Villa Property at their own risk.
  1. Limitation of Liability. BRAVO HOLIDAYS and its villa owners, employees and/or agents shall not accept any responsibility, expense or liability for any accident which may occur relating to this Contract and/or the rental property which is the subject of this Contract; or for any sickness, injury, damage or loss whatsoever or however caused. We highly recommend that Client purchase trip protection.
  1. Transferability. BRAVO HOLIDAYS may allow the transfer of Client’s booking to another Party Leader in BRAVO HOLIDAYS’s sole and complete discretion. The request must be made to BRAVO HOLIDAYS in writing, and a new booking agreement must be executed, along with Client’s payment of an administrative charge of $100 per Occupant.
  1. Jurisdiction. BRAVO HOLIDAYS and Client agree that this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of New York, and that exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes arising out of this Agreement shall be in the New York State Supreme Court in Nassau County, New York.
  1. Miscellaneous. Bookings cannot be accepted from persons less than 18 years of age at the time of booking, and BRAVO HOLIDAYS reserves the right to refuse a booking without reason. Please remember that many villas are located in the countryside. Although most villas have screens and A/C, you may encounter some bugs and insects. Not leaving open food out on counters will help tremendously. Most villas have strict policies regarding smoking and pets. Unless arranged when confirming the reservation, do not bring pets or smoke inside the Villa Property. Please be advised that internet service may not be available in your Villa Property. Most villas have private swimming pools, please be advised that lifeguards are not provided.